Thursday, December 25, 2008

Windowless View

I'm doing my best...

from what I can
see through
the car windows

knock, knock

my awkwardness
projected and reflected
in the cold glass

my lack of thought
and my need for

makes it all the more

lets move on to the next

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hail to the Chief ,of staff, Rahm Emanuel!!


Barack Obama has been called a rock star (I say this like I have some source to prove it but I think me calling him a rock star is proof enough even though I've heard other say it) and now that he is our new President elect he's making sure that he surrounds himself with other rock start types. Rahm Emanuel, Obamas choice for Cheif of staff, has just the kind of rock star swagger to be part of Obama's posse.

The 49 year old representative for the 5th congressional district in Illinois, Rahm Emanuel has been nicked named "Rahm-bo" for his "take now prisoners" attitude (wikipage). In addition to his unique "fuck" you political style (which is FUCKING refreshing to see theses days) Emanuel has a past just as unique. For some time, Emanuel studied ballet and he is also missing half of his right middle finger due to a cut he sufferend while working in an Arbey's, after he suffered the cut, Emanuel went swimming in a near by lake and the wound got infected and most of his finger had to be amputated.

I'm definitely not the only one who thinks Rahm Emanuel is a rock star and should be treated as such, just check out this website:

Those t-shirts would sure make good Christmas/Hanukkah gifts!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Change has come to America", says President Barack Obama

Its November 4th 2008, 11:38PM.

Tonight the people of the United States, overwhelmingly, choose Barack Obama to be their 44th President...



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello, My Name Is Joe.

McCain likes to make the argument that Obama is an "elitist" and that he is not in touch with the average American. Now, if you remember, Sarah Palin has refered to this "average American" as "Joe Sixpack", a kind of term of enderiment for all those 40-80 year old, white men, who like to relax infront of the TV with none other then a six pack of beer by thier side... of course I'm guessing that this is what Sarah Palin means by "Joe Sixpack". Now, I've never actually met a "Joe Sixpack" or "Joe Plumber" and I've certently never met an "average American"! Howerver, I can digress all I want about what the term "average American" means to me and different people throughout the U.S. but, in reality, the definition will change from state to state, county to county, city by city and person to person.... and thats what makes America so awesome!! So, Obama doesnt have to be in touch with the "average American" he just needs to be in touch with the "American People"... the Eloquent American, the African American, the Middle Class American, the Homosexual American, the Working Poor American, the Wealthy American, the Single Parent American, the Asian American, the Intelectual American, the Working- College Student -Mexican -Future Educator- American!!!! (the last one is me)

We the American People "contain multitueds*" and we are all too unique to be classfied as "average Americans"

I, personally, am tired of "Joe the plumber" and "Joe Sixpack"!! I don't want to aspire to be an average anything! I want to be an eloquent, question asking, college educated, hard working American who knows how to "pay attention to words", as McCain stated in tonights debate. Mr. McCain better watch out because I'm pretty sure "Joe the plumber" knows how to "pay attention to words" and that "Joe Sixpack" will surprise ya, dontcha know!

two excerpts from tonight's debate:

MCCAIN: Well, you know, I admire so much Senator Obama's eloquence. And you really have to pay attention to words. He said, we will look at offshore drilling. Did you get that? Look at. We can offshore drill now. We've got to do it now. We will reduce the cost of a barrel of oil because we show the world that we have a supply of our own. It's doable. The technology is there and we have to drill now.

MCCAIN: Just again, the example of the eloquence of Senator Obama. He's health for the mother. You know, that's been stretched by the pro-abortion movement in America to mean almost anything.

Eloquence- vivid, forceful, fluent, ect.
in speech and writing
-Webster's New World Compact Office Dictionary

And one last thing, FUCK YOU UNDECIDED VOTERS!!!! If you were looking to learn anything new by watching this THIRD debate, then you suck! Oh, and an even bigger FUCK YOU to CNN and their stupid, useless, dial things that only track the stupidity of those using them!!!!!

*see Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself"

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A Supermarket In George W. Bush's America

What thoughts I have of you tonight, George W. Bush, for
I walked down the sidestreets under the trees with a headache no-health insurance looking at the full moon.
In my hungry fatigue, and shopping for discount foods, I went
into the neon pesticide fruit supermarket, dreaming of your failed economic plan!
What peaches and what penumbras! Whole families
shopping with food stamps! Aisles full of China made dog food! Led in the avocados, plastic in the babies milk!--and you, Dick Chaney, what were you doing down by the watermelons?

I saw you, George W. Bush, shameless,old grubber,poking among the meats in the refrigerator and eying the beer aisle.
I heard you asking questions of each: Who killed the
pork chop soldiers? What price bananas? Are you my ally?
I wandered in and out of the brilliant stacks of cans
following you, and followed by the store's racial profiler.

We can never walk down the open corridors together, your administration tasting artichokes, possessing every frozen delicacy, and never passing the

Where are we going, George W. Bush? The doors close in a hour.
Which way do your bombs point tonight?
(I try to touch the constitution and dream of our Country in Peace and
feel absurd.)
Will we fight all night through Iraqi streets? The rising smoke add shade
to shade, lights out in the houses, I'll be charged.
I'll stroll dreaming of the lost America of love past blue automo-
biles in homeowner driveways, home to a silent life?
Ah, dear father, Al Gore, lonely old, courage-teacher, what America
did you have when Florida quit polling her voters and you got out on a smoking bank and stood watching the White House disappear on the black waters of

Monday, September 29, 2008

Its the most wonderful time of the year!!

The holiday season is in the air! Stores have Halloween and Christmas crap, the calendar says its the first day of autumn and its 90 degrees outside, red flag fire alerts... its... its the most wonderful time of the year!

Another reason to rejoice about the upcoming holidays are, of course, the movies!! There are a slew of Oscar trolling movies ready to hit theaters in October, November and December. Here are some trailers that have me watering at the mouth:

Ron Howard gives us "Frost/Nixon". I automatically like any movie that has to do with Richard Nixon and Watergate. Oh, and, Sam Rockwell is in it!

Gus Van Sant with "Milk", the true story about "California's first openly gay elected official." ( I love Gus Van Sant and I cant wait to see this! See also: "My Own Private Idaho", "Drugstore Cowboys" and "To Die For"

"American Beauty" director Sam Menes with "Revolutionary Road". This looks like Titanic's Jack and Rose meets "Mad Men"... awesome.

This preview came on before "Burn after Reading", which I saw tonight, and it looks pretty interesting. It kinda reminds me of last years "Atonement", which I hated.

Charlie Kauffman writes and directs "Synecdoche, New York". Reasons for seeing: Charlie Kauffman writes and directs.

Because Oliver Stone has a way with Presidential movies. Homer Simpson said it best, "Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK to get the Jack Ruby". Oliver Stone's "W."

"Six Feet Under" creator, Alan Ball directs Towlhead. I'll probably see this over the weekend. It is now playing in limited release.

And now something for the kids!

Note that these are all dramas so you better get your laughs in with "Choke" and "Burn after Reading"... its gonna be a cruel winter.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Choke (wannabe movie review)

As I mentioned in my last entry, Sam Rockwell is pretty much the bees knees and last night I finally got to see him in his new film, "Choke".

"Victor Mancini, a sex-addicted med-school dropout, who keeps his increasingly deranged mother, Ida, in an expensive private medical hospital by working days as a historical re-enactor at a Colonial Williamsburg theme park. At night, Victor runs a scam by deliberately choking in upscale restaurants to form parasitic relationships with the wealthy patrons who "save" him. When, in a rare lucid movement, Ida reveals that she has withheld the shocking truth of his father's identity, Victor enlists the aid of his best friend, Denny and his mother's beautiful attending physician, Dr. Paige Marshall, to solve the mystery before the truth of his possibly divine parentage is lost forever."

I pulled the above synopsis from (I'm too lazy to summarize the movie myself. I start my review below)

In his first crack at directing/writing a film, actor Clark Gregg managed to bring most of Chuck Palahniuk's novel to the big screen with a few script stumbles here and there. However, with the help of a wonderful cast, that included Anjelica Houston and Kelly Macdonald (or that chick from Trainspotting and No Country for Old Men) and of course Sam Rockwell as Victor Mancini, Gregg managed to pull off an all round satisfactory adapatation.

With many first timer kudos to the director, I believe Sam Rockwell's performance made the movie work. Rockwell gave viewers a well balanced look at Victor and all the hang ups he contains. From the over the top, very realistic, choking scenes, to the raunchiest of sex scenes, Mr. Rockwell made it look seamless! However, I think, he was at his best in the dramatic exchanges between Anjelica Houston's character, Ida Mancinic, Victor Mancini's demented mother. In the end, "Choke" was proof that Sam Rockwell is one of the most underrated actors in show biz and he deserves much praise for his role as Victor.

Limited Release
As the end credits were rolling and the theater clearing, I over heard a person ask another, "who was that?" and the other replied "oh, that was Sam Rockwell".

What are you still doing here?! GO SEE IT!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fuck all other movie stars, its all about Sam Rockwell!


Sam Rockwell had me at "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" and If I would have seen "Box of Moon Light" or "Lawn Dogs" before seeing "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" I would have said the same thing about him in those two other films. I recently saw Rockwell in "Snow Angels" in which he plays Glenn, a sort of "dead-beat-dad" character, who had an alcohol problem but then seemed to recover by sobering up and becoming a born-again Christan. Glenn tries to return as the father figure to his young daughter and he also tries to show his wife, played by Kate Beckinsale, that he has changed his ways. The movie does have a whole other cast of characters that have their own, just as interesting, stories but Rockwell's portrayal of Glenn stood out to me the most.

As in "Snow Angles" and other films, Sam Rockwell brings a certain tangibility to his characters. Glenn, for instance, in the begging of the film, is apologetic and passive and the viewer, me at least, felt embarrassed for him as he would try to prove his changed ways to his family and friends.

In other words, Rockwell is (always was) all the rage in my book and he should be in others' because the guy has like 6 movies coming out soon, just check out his IMDB page:

Don't even get me started on "Choke"! I recently finished reading the Chuck Palahniuk novel that was adapted into a film that will star none other then the golden boy himself. Ah, but this is another post all together and I will write more about it after I see the movie.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

lets talk in passing

me: Hey, did you hear about the bombing on the U.S. Embassy in Yemen?

mom: Are you gonna eat this Hot Pocket?

me: No.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Something the Lord Made"

<span class=

Now, I'm going to admit that I edited this picture but I think it could be effective for the McCain/Palin cause... you know, since the republican party is trying to win over those deaf, blind, and dumb Hillary Clinton voters (the words: deaf, blind and dumb used for sarcasm). Sarah Palin is woman. Hillary Clinton is a woman. It makes sense, people. If you got all the parts like a lady then you must be a lady. Put lipstick on a lady and she's still a lady. Say that a lady has a plan for universal health care... I'd say that lady is smart! Say that another lady believes that no other lady, excluding herself and her family, should have the right to choose what happens to her body... I'd say that lady has no right!

Also, for the record, I'm 100% sure that Sarah Palin is a ploy... hell, it even rhymes!

Don't you think its sexist of the republican party to use a woman as a blatant distraction so that they might win control of this country?

The facts are at our feet, people. The past eight years have been great examples of how we don't want the next four to be. Don't let a distraction like Sarah Palin get in the way of this country's lively hood! Vote for real change! Vote for Barack Obama on November 4th, 2008

*also, regarding the fine print at the bottom of the picture, have you heard McCain or Palin utter the word "gay"?

I pulled this from the Obama website:

Combat Employment Discrimination

Obama will work to overturn the Supreme Court's recent ruling that curtails racial minorities' and women's ability to challenge pay discrimination. Obama will also pass the Fair Pay Act to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Pulled from the McCain website:

I'm still looking for something that kinda resembles that las sentince from the Obama page. Prove me wrong McCain, prove me wrong!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Was your job outsourced?

Are you in your late 40s, 50s or even 60s?

Got a family?

Got Bills?

Got animals who don't like to eat fake food from China?

Then you better vote for John McCain!

His (also G.W.B's plan) plan is to send YOU back to school (community college)! :D

Now, I've been working for a certain community college for almost 4 years now and its pretty damn easy to go to a CC for little to no money, in the state of California, BUT that is not the case in other states!

How are you suppose to go back to school when you lost your job? Who is suppose to pay the bills? Who the fuck is gonna pay your tuition? What the hell are you gonna learn? Why was your job outsourced?

BUT Wait!
If your a Republican, you don't have this "outsource" problem because your making $200,000 + a year! However, if you are one of the ones who has recently lost your job and can NOT afford to go back to school and learn another trade... then you will be cast out into poverty and eaten by wild dogs! For you see, you don't matter, you couldn't help your self when your company went over seas. What the hell is the matter with YOU?

Did you know Sarah Palin only has a bachelors degree?

I'm 4 semesters, 5 kids, and 1 PTA meeting away from being the next VP! YESSSSS! OH, and I'm a chick! Why didn't McCain pick me?!

this will be one of the last of my rants... I'm sorry to all of you who don't know what I'm talking about... I'm really, really, sorry for you(like sarcastically sorry)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Jibberty Box

I would just like to say that I've really let this blog go. I've lost track of the theme of it all. And whats with the title?

Any how, I'm sure my two readers (myself just after posting and myself two days after posting) think its all genius. Look here's some good stuff now:

I recently wrote some stuff while I was waiting for my math class to start. I wrote it on the very last page of my note book so, when I get bored in class, I can turn to the back page and re-read what I wrote and wonder what the hell I was thinking.
I sat down at my desk and carefully set out my book, notebook and work sheet. I was the first student in the room and the teacher's lonely soul was looming in the front, facing his audience of desks. Turning my attention back to my materials on my desk, I noticed how picturesque everything looked, how obvious it all looked. I began to think of what a nice picture this would indeed make so I began to lean back in my chair to see if I could get a different look out of something that was flat on the desk. With my two chair legs off the ground, I cupped my hands over my eyes and tried to frame and snap a quick, imaginary, picture.

"Snap", I said, in a whisper.

As I was still leaned back in my chair, I noticed that two people had walked in the door. I quickly brought the chair legs to all floors, opened my notebook, to the last page, and began to write nonsense.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Admin Robots: Part 1

"Model # 289UT1-Carnivorous Copier"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Form Jazz (this post has nothing to do with Jazz)

I'm not motivated to write anything but I still wanna post. SO, I'm just gonna post pictures. Blah, Blah, Blah... life has been one monotone slow jam. Here is some media:

4th of July:
We had a pinata with George Bush's face on it... we finally got to beat him with a baseball bat!

My Mom's Dog, Lucky:

I am not a Dog person but this dog is too damn cute to hate (yes I hate all other dogs!)! True, he is kinda hostile but he fits in with our already psychotic, 20 pound cat.

Comic Con... Starts next week!!!
Yes, Michael C. Hall will be there and I will get to see him in all his David Fisher/ Dexter glory! Also, yes, I will get Paul Ruben's autograph and wait out side ball rooms and halls to see awesome panels from movies and TV shows that I like.


Me, on the internets?!

yeah, that's me looking all democraty!

Now I'm gonna leave you with a song (hint: I'm watching Dream Girls on HBO)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

summer time and the bloggings easy? (feel free to boo)

Its summer and that means school is out and my time on the internet has increased by 20%! I've been using my extra percentage to do research... research on movies, TV shows, music, books to read, and other stuff that can keep my MTV generation, 8 second, attention span. Today, Tuesday 6/17/08 9:58PM, I am currently into the following (like you care):

Casey Affleck

I finally saw "The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford". It was an all around good movie and I especially liked the narration. The movie also has a great cast that included Brad Pitt (meh) Sam Rockwell AND Casey Affleck who plays Robert Ford. I've only seen Casey in smaller roles like 1995's "To Die For", which is an awesome movie, and his work in the Ocean's 11 movies. However, Casey is spot on in "The Assassination of Jesse James"... he maintains a sense of innocence while still being mysterious. I'm anxious to see Casey in "Gone Baby Gone", a film that was written and directed by older brother Ben Affleck (I refuse to give Ben kudos).

Oh yeah and the guy is totally hot

Michael C. Hall

I should mention that I did indeed get a cable upgrade (see "the cool stuff" blog entry) that includes all the HBO, Showtime and Cinemax channels. With my new access to the world of really expanded cable, I've become a fan of Showtime's Original Series, "Dexter". One of my best friends mentioned the show to me over a year ago and I, stupidly, shrugged off the recommendation since I didn't have Showtime. I was able to watch both seasons 1 & 2 on Showtime on demand and after watching the first 3 episodes I was hooked by the character of Dexter and the actor that plays him, Michael C. Hall.

I made sure I watched both seasons before doing any research online about the show... I didn't want to run in to any reviews or spoilers or anything like that. However, after the last episode of season 2, I quickly started looking for all things Dexter.

So after two weeks after watching the first episode, I am now almost done reading the first book "Darkly Dreaming Dexter", I've seen the first three episodes of Six Feet Under (I got more discs on the way, via Netflix) which stars Michael C. Hall. I've got the second Dexter book on my night stand ready for take off.

yeah, I'm a dork.

Well I guess that's it for now...

I'll leave you with Coldplay's new single "Viva La Vida"
(say what you will about Coldplay but I've been a fan since I first heard "Yellow" when I was in the 10th grade! Yes, X & Y was kinda boring but this "Viva la Vida" song is alright with me)


Coming soon:
Review of the Death Cab For Cutie Show
Comic Con
Christmas in July

Saturday, May 17, 2008

cool stuff , stuff that is cool (a blog post with different stuff, that is cool)

Bixby Canyon Bridge


My mom and I are finally gonna make the trip up north to San Francisco in early August. Yeah I'm going on a road trip with my Mum... does that make me any less cool? NO, because luckily for me, my mom is cool... so if anything I'm making her less cool. I want to do the whole Big Sur thing because thats what kids my age are into.

Flight of the Conchords

I'm a little late but I don't care because not having HBO is cooler then having HBO. Although I do plan to sign up for a cable upgrade. Anyways, I'm gonna go see them next month, which is fantastico!

In conclusion:
My finals are on Tuesday and I really, really don't want to study. But life is about doing stuff you don't want to do and then deciding not to do them.

I guess "stuff" should be more then two things... I should have called this "Two Cool Things"... but since I listed two things I guess its a "Small Portion"... ah, but I should have called it "A Small Portion of Cool"... damn.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

April 26th - May 3rd or Saturday to Saturday

I was so gonna write a blog about the Los Angeles Times Festival of books... but I didn't. Then I was totally gonna write a blog about the She & Him show on Tuesday... but I didn't. OH, then I was gonna write a blog on how I should be doing math homework but haven't had time to actually do it because I've been sleep deprived from driving back and forth from LA... but I never did that because I fell asleep. Ah and then Friday came and my brother, Alex, and I had tickets to see Michale Buble and while waiting for Buble to take the stage I told Alex "I'm so gonna write a blog about this"... turns out, I didn't. Then after sleeping through almost all of yesterday, I went to check out Birtt Daniel's solo show at The Belly Up... I never said I would write a blog about the show but I so intended to.

So here it goes... all the shit I did and didn't do last week, in a quick summary because I got a shit load of math homework to catch up on.

Turn off's:
- a lot more people then usual
- it was hotter then hell that day
- we got there a little too late and missed the free C-Span bags

Turn on's:
- It was the LA Times Festival of Books
- Interesting booths with free books
- I saw two past contestants of Bravo's Top Chef

Turn off's:
-I had to miss Spanish class for this show... I wouldn't really care that much but its the end of the semester and tengo que impress mi profesora
- the show was in LA and gas prices are high

Turn on's
- got there early and found excellent parking space
- second group of people in line
- Sat front row, arms length away from the band
- Jason Schwartzman was there, OMG!! :D
- Zooey Deschanel's voice can easily move mountains
-M. Ward
Set List (thanks to Adan who was able to get one off the stage) :
black hole
change is hard
made for you (chah cha cha)
sentimental heart
you really got a hold
take it back
got me
saw your face today
this is not a test
why do you
sweet darlin
magic trick
bring it home

From Wednesday to Thursday I had the Intermediate Algebra blues:
What the hell is a Logarithmic function and how do you graph it?

Turn off's:
- our seats were sub shitty
- a lot of old cougars with bad perfume
- it was at the Cox Arena
- Buble didn't do "Come Fly with Me"

Turn on's:
- I got a sick ass concert shirt with Michale Buble's face all over it!
- Buble managed to make the whole crowd swoon... *sigh*
- Great all around show... like nothing I've ever experienced

Turn off's:

Turn on's
- Getting to say hello to Britt before the show
- seeing Britt Daniel
- hearing Britt Daniel
- His cover of Wolf Parade's "Modern World"
- Britt Daniel

Here is some fan footage from the show:

Britt Daniel - 04
Uploaded by starbright31

In conclusion:

The past week was busy and stressful... now I'm totally gonna do my math homework.

Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm constantly re-evaluating and second guessing things. Por ejemplo, after reading and re-reading my first blog entry, I realized that it made me come across as a humble nobody from nowheresville looking to hitch a ride to Whocares Town! But this is America and I'm an American so everything I say/ write is, and will always be, good*!

*some restrictions do apply

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Yeah so, I've been wearing slip on vans since the 9th grade ( lace up vans before that) and i figured, since i was getting along in age, that i should try a different shoe, a different style, if you will. On top of wanting to change my footwear style, I also wanted to make sure that my new shoes would be "eco" friendly and made in a non sweat shop environment, preferably in the U.S.A. SO, i began to do some research and found out about the SIMPLE shoe company

The site explains that their shoes are made out of recycled products, organic cotton and or hemp. However, I was a little skeptical becuase the site did not explain where the the shoes were actually manufactured.

It kinda bothered that I didn't know who was making the shoes. I wanted to get away from mystery fabrics and factories. My Vans where made in China, thats all I know about them. "Simple" shoes are made of "eco" friendly stuff... thats all i know about them.

I think a big part about being environmentally aware is BEING AWARE of where things come from, what its made out of, who makes it and how it is made.

Its just like those cloth bags that they sell in supermarkets.... are they really doing the environment much help? Couldn't you just reuse paper bags? And when the paper bags wear out you could recycle them, eh? Most of those bags are probably made in sweat shops! Right? (note to self, do more research on cloth bags)

In the end, I might just go on as usual... driving my Vans into the ground before buying a new pair. (not to self, look up shoe recycling center)

American Apparel should make shoes.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

And such small portions

I never thought I would get one of these blogging accounts and I feel kinda dumb and pretentious for doing so. Why would other people care what I say (write)? Why, even the lay out and the text of this site looks snobby! But I guess it doesn't matter what I write because I'm the only one who will actually read it.

"You're a big fat phony!"