Saturday, May 17, 2008

cool stuff , stuff that is cool (a blog post with different stuff, that is cool)

Bixby Canyon Bridge


My mom and I are finally gonna make the trip up north to San Francisco in early August. Yeah I'm going on a road trip with my Mum... does that make me any less cool? NO, because luckily for me, my mom is cool... so if anything I'm making her less cool. I want to do the whole Big Sur thing because thats what kids my age are into.

Flight of the Conchords

I'm a little late but I don't care because not having HBO is cooler then having HBO. Although I do plan to sign up for a cable upgrade. Anyways, I'm gonna go see them next month, which is fantastico!

In conclusion:
My finals are on Tuesday and I really, really don't want to study. But life is about doing stuff you don't want to do and then deciding not to do them.

I guess "stuff" should be more then two things... I should have called this "Two Cool Things"... but since I listed two things I guess its a "Small Portion"... ah, but I should have called it "A Small Portion of Cool"... damn.

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