Monday, September 29, 2008

Its the most wonderful time of the year!!

The holiday season is in the air! Stores have Halloween and Christmas crap, the calendar says its the first day of autumn and its 90 degrees outside, red flag fire alerts... its... its the most wonderful time of the year!

Another reason to rejoice about the upcoming holidays are, of course, the movies!! There are a slew of Oscar trolling movies ready to hit theaters in October, November and December. Here are some trailers that have me watering at the mouth:

Ron Howard gives us "Frost/Nixon". I automatically like any movie that has to do with Richard Nixon and Watergate. Oh, and, Sam Rockwell is in it!

Gus Van Sant with "Milk", the true story about "California's first openly gay elected official." ( I love Gus Van Sant and I cant wait to see this! See also: "My Own Private Idaho", "Drugstore Cowboys" and "To Die For"

"American Beauty" director Sam Menes with "Revolutionary Road". This looks like Titanic's Jack and Rose meets "Mad Men"... awesome.

This preview came on before "Burn after Reading", which I saw tonight, and it looks pretty interesting. It kinda reminds me of last years "Atonement", which I hated.

Charlie Kauffman writes and directs "Synecdoche, New York". Reasons for seeing: Charlie Kauffman writes and directs.

Because Oliver Stone has a way with Presidential movies. Homer Simpson said it best, "Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK to get the Jack Ruby". Oliver Stone's "W."

"Six Feet Under" creator, Alan Ball directs Towlhead. I'll probably see this over the weekend. It is now playing in limited release.

And now something for the kids!

Note that these are all dramas so you better get your laughs in with "Choke" and "Burn after Reading"... its gonna be a cruel winter.

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