Monday, September 1, 2008

Jibberty Box

I would just like to say that I've really let this blog go. I've lost track of the theme of it all. And whats with the title?

Any how, I'm sure my two readers (myself just after posting and myself two days after posting) think its all genius. Look here's some good stuff now:

I recently wrote some stuff while I was waiting for my math class to start. I wrote it on the very last page of my note book so, when I get bored in class, I can turn to the back page and re-read what I wrote and wonder what the hell I was thinking.
I sat down at my desk and carefully set out my book, notebook and work sheet. I was the first student in the room and the teacher's lonely soul was looming in the front, facing his audience of desks. Turning my attention back to my materials on my desk, I noticed how picturesque everything looked, how obvious it all looked. I began to think of what a nice picture this would indeed make so I began to lean back in my chair to see if I could get a different look out of something that was flat on the desk. With my two chair legs off the ground, I cupped my hands over my eyes and tried to frame and snap a quick, imaginary, picture.

"Snap", I said, in a whisper.

As I was still leaned back in my chair, I noticed that two people had walked in the door. I quickly brought the chair legs to all floors, opened my notebook, to the last page, and began to write nonsense.

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