Friday, November 28, 2008

Hail to the Chief ,of staff, Rahm Emanuel!!


Barack Obama has been called a rock star (I say this like I have some source to prove it but I think me calling him a rock star is proof enough even though I've heard other say it) and now that he is our new President elect he's making sure that he surrounds himself with other rock start types. Rahm Emanuel, Obamas choice for Cheif of staff, has just the kind of rock star swagger to be part of Obama's posse.

The 49 year old representative for the 5th congressional district in Illinois, Rahm Emanuel has been nicked named "Rahm-bo" for his "take now prisoners" attitude (wikipage). In addition to his unique "fuck" you political style (which is FUCKING refreshing to see theses days) Emanuel has a past just as unique. For some time, Emanuel studied ballet and he is also missing half of his right middle finger due to a cut he sufferend while working in an Arbey's, after he suffered the cut, Emanuel went swimming in a near by lake and the wound got infected and most of his finger had to be amputated.

I'm definitely not the only one who thinks Rahm Emanuel is a rock star and should be treated as such, just check out this website:

Those t-shirts would sure make good Christmas/Hanukkah gifts!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Change has come to America", says President Barack Obama

Its November 4th 2008, 11:38PM.

Tonight the people of the United States, overwhelmingly, choose Barack Obama to be their 44th President...