Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kids with Cash

This is for the kids with car payments
This is for the kids with bank statements
They use their full names
middle initial
They can sign papers and make it all official!
Direct deposit the money
Don't ask me if its okay
I put in a lot of hours
and the money will show up in May
Pay stubs in the visor
Don't trust your college adviser
If so, get a receipt
Take it back with tags attached
Get a good deal
Check your grades
check your credit
This is for the kids with the plastic safety nets
Don't worry how bad it gets!
You're smarter for it
They'll all admit
under their breath.
This is for the kids with the cash in hand
This is for the kids with school at their feet.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Black and White Notebook #3-05

I take that bad day and push it into a small ball
a dot of ink on this pad
that I use when I'm mad
there are more fads to buy into
no more clothes that don't fit well
I've taken the initiative
this time.
I can watch the blue prints cry with sorrow
thinking of ending their lives and
making no tomorrow
a lot goes into creating the end
rusty blades
frayed ropes
All while I sit back and clear my throat
to watch it all unfold
I sit there holding a tattered tote
filled with rattling pills
I've found a secret door that takes me
to that place in the floor where music and smoke
fills the night air
an illusion is captured in a small glass jar
taken to heart
then thrown real far
my foot hits the black tar
and I cant find my car
its all a dream
you see?
I was just simply
wishing on a

While sitting in my corner I quickly call
the coroner to advise my body is read to order.

Now I'm back
the florescent light shines for attention
as the instructor in the front is about to mention
something about cell division.

Black and White Notebook #2- 05

I am that spill in the grocery store.

I fell in the dark and my puddle
oozes and influenced the ground until dawn.
When I'm found
Shoppers will protest the grotesque display
as they pull out their wallets to pay

I am blocked off
in yellow rope
hopes of attention
I am only mentioned

My surface tension is broken by the
intention of your mop
as it sops

You've cured the texture of the ground
with a simple cleaning solution
You have come to my conclusion
cleaned up my illusion
So I can say I love you
as my molecules diffuse
in the water of your bucket
you make sure I'm erased
that I am Safe.

Black and White Notebook #1- 05

I am crazy.
I contemplate issues that will never
arise in any conversation.
I derive in public.
I think I've done it
secularized my insanity and
destroyed humanity in my eyes.
Broken and apart I was left to rot in my room
where I riot about my dreams.
My blood steams and the scene is just too old.
I think he will give me his cold.