Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank you Eli Cash...

for making this wonderful desktop:
Brandon Flowers Wallpaper

I promise that this will be the last of it!

Here is the direct link

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"It's like Ziggy Stardust meets the Belagio"

I'm clearly shaking this all off very slowly and the feathered shoulders are beginning to grow fur. Holding on and packing up is what I do best:

Color me Love from booknutdc on Vimeo.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Before you say I'm "Losing Touch" here are two things:


Here is a really gaudy thing I made-

brandon flowers
Glitter Graphics

This is "No You Girls" by Franz Ferdinand and it has nothing to do with The Killers!

But just for the hell of it:

killer update

"When I hear other people, I want to be better than them. I won't apologize for it. It's nothing dirty."

I now have 6 remix versions of "Human"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

NO, I will not apologize for this!!

"I want to be better than you"


Because I need 5 remix versions of "Human" on both my ipods!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

let us go

I was on top of that hill, again. The small man made hill that held our man made machines was mowed over last year and then re-constituted with supporting retaining walls and newly planted growth that seemed to embrace the loose fill dirt of the hill's banks. I was at the edge looking out over the brown buildings with their dull dim amber lights glowing and guiding its patrons. The roofs, of ancient construction, were still flat and uneven holding pools of stagnant water. For a time, I just sat in my spot on the new hill that was built over the old hill that was in front of the new road that was built over the old road which leads to those crystallized, untouched, brown buildings with their aging trees and tired faces. The elevation at the top was enticing enough but as I took each step to descend, the familiarity of the solid ground was stomach turning. Now walking under the chipped wood eves and the foggy lit lanterns at my shoulders, my shoes met the smooth hard pavement and gave it a friendly hug and kiss as each foot propelled me forward to the past. With my head now on the ground my face was filled with crushing frustration. This was nothing like my airy hill that held my memories of shaded trees and flashes of familiar, worn, faces. I was now powerless in my chair as the cement room began to fill with pools of past peers, I quickly drowned in my own nostalgia. Quick stinging smiles met my motionless face and I did nothing to return them to their senders. No ones words could hold my attention, only past pictures ran out of order through my kicking and swimming brain.

I went for the door when my time was up. I did my best to stand it but decided never to return.

These things I carried here belong on a shelf now- to be dusted and admired from a far. They are things that a hill can not hold and a tree can not grow, things that would cloud all future attempts to make it here.

And with that I go.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is a good "Day & Age" for The Killers (an amateur music review)


I bought The Killers first album, Hot Fuss, in October of 2004. I remember the month because around the same time I took a trip up north to Monterey to visit my best friend who was living there with her family at the time. On the short plane ride up north, I distinctly remember listening to Hot Fuss on my pink, Sony Walkman. Having already fell in love with The Killers first single from Hot Fuss, "Sombody Told Me", I quickly warmed to the whole album and by the time I got off the plane in Monterey,I was a fan.

For me, Hot Fuss was indeed something to make a fuss about, as I will do here:

First off, Brandon Flowers is one hell of front man and his Opera like wails that are heard on such tracks as "Mr. Brightside" and "Believe me Natalie" make me want to stand on a chair and sing along with one hand on my heart and the other extended to an imaginary audience (yes I have done this). Along with packing in the long melodics, Flowers also gives us some good new-wave/dancey songs like in "Sombody Told Me" and "Change Your Mind".

As far as lyrics and sound, the stand out track for me on Hot Fuss is "Andy, You're a Star". The sexual ambiguity of the song's lyrics are kinda confusing but yet they make perfect sense at the same time. I believe, around the same time The Killers were breaking, Franz Ferdinand were also releasing tracks from their self titled album and their song, "Michael", which is also pretty damn sexy, seemed to bring back the old school gender bending days of David Bowie. Also, for a time, Brandon Flowers sported pink tuxedos and wore lip gloss... which he was able to pull off, I think. However, I'm giving too much credit to Flowers and not enough to the band as a whole.

I believe I saw The Killers twice in concert after the release of Hot Fuss. Both were great shows and the entire band really put on an excellent show, which is something that not all bands are good at.

Skipping ahead to 2006, The Killers came out with their sophomore album, Sam's Town. Now, Sam's Town was suppose to be, I think, some kind of concept album that would show case The Killers hometown of Las Vegas. From its curtain raising "Enterlude", a way of welcoming all their listeners to their city of sounds and lights, to its not so catchy "Uncle Johnny", I felt that Sam's Town was missing the lyrical power that was heard on Hot Fuss. However (big however), "Read my Mind" is one of my favorite Killers songs and its the only track that seems smooth enough to be on Hot Fuss. Oh and yes, I did see The Killers a third time when they went on tour to promote Sam's Town.

Now The Killers are back with Day & Age, released in late 2008. I admit that I did not hear the first single from the album till weeks after it came out and when I finally did hear it I was kind of indifferent about it. It took me awhile to be able to listen to the entire album but after getting through it 5 or 6 times I knew I could say it was just as good as 2004's Hot Fuss.

Riding on the coat tails of the Las Vegas/ Southwest themed songs of Sam's Town, some of the tracks on Day & Age seem to be, like a fine wine, day and aged to perfection as opposed to some of the lack luster songs found on the sophomore album. For example, "Joy Ride", which has wonderful, descriptive, desert lyrics-" The desert wind is howling /Rattlesnakes and romance/Are spilling with the rain/Candy apple red dress/Bleeding when she kissed me". "Joy Ride" also features some awesome 80s- esc saxophone sounds which makes you want to say to yourself " did I just hear a saxophone in there?!". Of course the first single off the album, "Human", is a great pop song that grabs listeners and makes them answer the question "are we human or are we dancer" but listeners will find so much more in the lyrics and synth sounds of the other songs throughout the album.

Day & Age is close enough to the successes of Hot Fuss while still being faraway enough to be innovative and fresh. If I was a real music reviewer and not an amateur I would give Day& Age 4 and a half starts out of 5

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reliable Ambivalence

Are you an effective communicator?

I'm going to throw some movie words

at you

put them in quotes

claim them as my own.

Is the future clear?

I'll make you a montage of


so that I may reflect it

like the see through

glass that I'm always


How will we get there?

A series of thumbs to the wind,

gas and cash

I assume.


Yes but always with a quick

grab for a "no"

in my back pocket.

What do you want?

Anything and everything

I'll add it to my sack of things

its okay

whatever you think you can give

I may not need it now

but I'll know its there

was there

can be there

and when I'm off course

I'll know that I had what I wanted

and still have no Idea what to do

with it.

So, I'll put it on a shelf

like a sculpture

a picture.