Monday, February 9, 2009

It's an oldie but goodie

Tapping at my door, dirt under nails, swish of shoes, creak in the floor, a bump, bump at the glass, ticking from the AC, illusion of rain, giving us a taste, we really exist, worth watering, swish, swish of dry skin, the wave of carpet as it meets bare floors, perfect excision for a shadow, block of time, color, space, earth, to build some steps to reach the shelf to get more pieces, to build a shelf to hold more pieces, waves of excitement, anxiety, joy, nothing settle, only the nose offending abruptness of our quick moving lights, perhaps a light musk of semi stillness, cold spot in the pillow, wiggle of toes, shuffling to and fro, sun engulfed skin, knowing that the trees are looking up for more reasons then thought possible

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