Sunday, February 8, 2009

Barack Obama is a Hero of Mine


What do Brandon Flowers and Barack Obama have in common? They are both NME, Hero of the Year, nominees!?

I personally think Barack Obama and Brandon Flowers are a great examples of the modern day American hero.

Back in July 08 while I was wondering the aisles of Comic Con, I saw a shirt that portrayed, the then Presidential candidate, Barack Obama as a super hero. The shirt's image shows Obama ripping his suit and tie off his chest to reveal a Superman-like "O". By the 4th day of the Con, I decided to spend the last of my money on one of the shirts and I'm glad I did. In actuality,it's hard not to see Obama as a larger then life super hero that has saved/saving our country/world from villains like G.W. Bush, Dick Chaney and that evil, wolf killing, Sarah Palin.

But super powers aside and a few posts ago, I remember ranting and raving because John McCain criticized Obama for being too "eloquent". I also went on about other Obama opponents calling him an "elitist". I made my claim that there was nothing wrong with wanting to be an "elitist" and I was at war with the term "average American". I still believe that there is no such thing as an "average American" and we all have our own brand of awesomeness within us, somewhere. So yes, Obama is a hero of mine, his presidency has brought back our American-can do anything because we are the land of possibilities- air.

Now watch out, this is where the Brandon Flowers comes in:

If I can call Obama a hero then I can call Brandon Flowers a hero for some of the same reasons. Over the past 5 years, Flowers and co. have been proving to the world that they do not want to be an "average"(there's that word again) rock band. Whether it be in the clothes he wears, the statements he makes or the songs he and band mates write, Brandon Flowers and The Killers have never been afraid of wanting to be better. Yes, some critics have seen this "arrogance" as off putting but I, personally, see it as refreshing and inspiring.

I may not be a rock star or the President of the United States but I sure as hell want to be the best damn American Literature major/future professor I can be!

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